Q: Why is hiring the right garage door contractor important?

A: Because hiring the wrong person can result in a system that could fail. This leaves you the choice of calling the person that caused the failure, or taking a chance on another company. Call us. Others may not return to fix their own mistake and/or they would charge you a "service call".
Hiring the right person starts with being well informed. This is important because other companies view your lack of knowledge as opportunity to overcharge. You can trust us to inform you HONESTLY and with ZERO pressure and WITHOUT being annoying. Our estimates are free and we are fair to both yourself and us. Hop on our calendar and see what we can offer.

Q: My car is parked inside of the garage and the door won't work. How quickly can you come out?

A: STOP pressing the button! It's possible you have a broken spring. Call us at once. We can arrive quickly to open the door so you can park outside until the repair is completed.
For other minor problems with your door, it's worth waiting a day or even a few days for an expert. Perhaps you've had your garage door for 7 years. That's 2555 days! Given that perspective, you can wait a day or so for us to arrive, WITHOUT using the door. STOP pressing the button!

Q: My door came off track and is on top of my car. What do I do.

A: First don't go anywhere in your car lol. STOP pressing the button. We could have prevented this. You will likely need a new door. We configure the most functional door systems for every install we do. We can remove the door from atop your car but be prepared to park outside until a new door is installed.

Q: How much does your service cost?

A: That varies with location, time on site, and material cost. Jobs that are close in proximity to where I am on a given day might not incur a service charge. I normally try not to charge someone for merely showing up, but this depends on the time it takes to travel to your location and current fuel costs. We are fair to both you and us! Pictures sent via text are a good way to start with your inquiry. Take a high definition photo from the inside, getting the whole door in the photo, if this can't be done then take multiple photos.

Q: What is your warranty?

A: There is a 99.9% chance you will never call us on a warranty job. Rest assured, we will always do the needful if problems exist with our installations. Most companies that make doors aren't very generous with their warranties and they vary from door to door. The norm is 5 years on parts. The same is true with electric openers-it's still around 5 years. We work with lifetime parts and thick steel-insert link to thick steel hinges here. Our rollers are rated for 100,000 cycles while others install cheap plastic rollers that might be good for 4-5000 cycles (insert link to picture here). Yes, we upgrade parts and use commercial grade for some residential doors (in fact some residential doors weigh more than commercial doors) The parts/hardware I use outlast the standard issued hardware given with new doors.
Things that are not warranted are items like electronics or logic boards, remote controls because of lightening strikes and static electricity.

Q: I have a two-car garage door with two springs but only one is broken. How much to replace it?

A: We replace both springs because the other spring will break soon after. I could go into how the inner diameter, coil size and length combine in a mathematical formula to lift an exact weight an exact height an exact amount of times, but that's rather boring.

Q: My door is down and it will not go up.

A: Only use the manual release when the door is down. So if you're stuck and need to get out then pull the manual release cord while gently lifting the door. If the door cannot be lifted call us at once.

Q: My door is in the up position and it won't go down.

A: Do NOT pull the manual release cord. If you have a broken spring the door would be damaged/destroyed by crashing so hard on the concrete (hope no person or animal was under the door) It's best to call us at once and leave the door where it's at. Many times the opener will raise a door with a broken spring but the sensitivity settings may trigger the opener to stop and return upwards. If a spring is broken the door is very heavy and the opener has sensed the abnormal weight and returned to it's up position.

Q: I've scheduled a service call. How should I prepare.

A: First, do a happy dance because you've called the best! Leave the door in the position at which it failed or stopped. Move your vehicle (if you're able to) so we have room to work. Move or remove objects 6 feet from the door, and from the sides. An example of a clean garage is here and an example of things that should be moved are here (insert links to photos)

Q: I need to go to work. Can you do the work while I'm away?

A: Yes, as long as we have access to the garage via remote, code, or walk thru door, or you can leave it down but in manual mode. We can walk you through how to do this.

Q: Are you punctual?

A: We work within time windows, which means we are sometimes early! But we aren't always on time when a previous job took longer than expected. That is the nature of our trade. If you're a rock star public official or otherwise important person who can only meet at an exact time then appointments made for an exact and specific time are billed for at a rate determined by time and distance. Also see the previous question, we can look at and estimate or fix the door if you're at work or away.

Q: Why is your estimate higher than the other companies?

A: Great question! There are many possible reasons for this.
1. Because I value my time and effort more than others. My labour, my parts, my attention to detail and my standards all come with a price.
2.I use highly specialized parts to replace cheap standard issued parts. These include sealed bearing rollers, commercial grade hinges, high cycle springs, specialized bearings, stainless steel cables...the list goes on and on. My parts last for a lifetime, not just a few years. For you, this translates into a short term expenditure yet the long-term savings is greater. For example imagine never having to replace your springs or any parts like rollers and hinges!
3.Others offer the lowest price up front but will charge more at the end of the project. Companies that impose quotas or offer a percentage of each job to their employees are known for this.