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Is your garage door dated, dented or damaged beyond repair? When worn-out residential garage doors close for last time, make sure new ones open with professional garage door installation service from Herndon Garage Door in Kings Mountain, NC. You can count on us to install a garage door that meets your style goals and security needs for a price that fits your budget.

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3 reasons to choose Herndon Garage Door

3 reasons to choose Herndon Garage Door

The technicians at Herndon Garage Door know a thing or two about installing residential garage doors in Kings Mountain, NC and the surrounding area. Our local team can assist with everything from new installation to garage door replacements. You should hire us because:

  • We use high-quality parts and products from brands like Aarir Garage Door and doorLink Manufacturing
  • We utilize cutting-edge tools that allow us to provide more accurate and efficient garage door installation service.
  • We offer convenient scheduling options for stress-free installation service.

Ready to replace your garage door? Contact Herndon Garage Door today to discuss your needs with a local installer.